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Nude celebrity madness

Alright, I go away for a week with no internet and two huge developments occur in the world of naked celebrities. First of all, a taxi driver in France found Ashton Kutcher's cell phone in his cab chuck-full of nude pictures of Demi Moore and demands a million dollars or he'll release them online. Read more.

Secondly, Britney Spears returned to her home this week to find that thieves had raided her $6 million property. It believed that the burglars made off with Britney's collection of raunchy homemade sex tapes as well as a selection of the singer's sexy (ahem) photographs. Also, some "uniforms" Britney allegedly wears for kinky sex games were taken as well. Read more here.

This is nuts. I mean, Ashton having pics of a 44 year-old woman on his phone? That's like getting caught looking at your mom naked. That's disgusting! And Britney...what else is there to say? I'm not surprised at all - I'm just curious, are the "uniforms" just the wardrobe from her early videos? Or is this freaky stuff like dressing up like the love child of Lizzie McGuire and rabid monkey...trust me, it's hot - and well worth the $30 rental fee. Lizzie want banana!!

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