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Paris is rich and spoiled

Just when I can't hate this bitch anymore I read this. Back when Paris Hilton was behind bars she told the press that she was determined to change her ways and she wanted to build a halfway house for recently released female inmates. Well, it hasn't happened. Mainly because she was brought up in a home where her personal comfort was put WAY ahead of anything and anyone else and where she was and still is treated like a spoiled child. People.com says:

For Kathy Hilton, the toughest part about daughter Paris Hilton's being in jail was "seeing the rashes on her arms and face from the thin sheets."

For Paris's homecoming, her mother set up a room in what, "used to be the baby nursery. I had fresh, really soft towels, and really soft sheets and one of those really soft, cuddly [blankets] called 'my blankey,' and nice soft pillow cases."

Kathy Hilto's rationale, she said, was that Paris had "been in jail, obviously with the very thin sheets and one pillow and one little thin blanket. That's how [inmates] get rashes. It feels like sandpaper."

Paris's reaction to all this softness, says her mother, was that "she went in, and she looked at the Fresh Farms soap, and she looked at the towels and the Evian water by her bedside. I wanted to make her feel really welcome. And we went downstairs and made a sandwich. And she ran outside with her doggie. And she ran, and she was screaming, 'Oh, this feels so good. I feel so lucky.'"

The thin sheets? That woman needs to see the dirty sleeping bag I sleep in at the side of the road! I mean, I would love this family to see how normal people live - let alone the working poor. People are dying, starving and killing each other and all the Hiltons are worried about the RASH that THIN SHEETS gave Paris? If they think that's tough, they ought to see the rash I get from wearing those thin white pants I wear while performing at children's birthday parties. Ouch.

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