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Britney done broke the dog

Looks like the Doritos and Dr. Pepper diet didn't resonate well with Britney's new puppy, London.

Spears, who had been partying with back-on pal Alli Sims until 2 a.m. at L.A. club Winston:s, emerged in her Mercedes from her Beverly Hills home around 1 p.m., cradling her new Yorkshire Terrier puppy, London, and drove straight to the nearby Beverly Hills Small Animal Hospital. Also along for the ride with Spears: her former assistant-pal Sims, and her sons Sean Preston and Jayden James.

Upon arrival at the hospital, Spears handed the puppy to Sims, who carried the dog into the hospital, where, Usmagazine.com has confirmed, London was treated by a veterinarian.

About a half hour later, Sims returned to the car with London and told photographers that the puppy had undergone "just a check-up. She is okay."

Well done Britney. It's only a matter of time before she comes home so f'ed up she'll feed the dog to the kids. Or cover the kids in Puppy Chow and let the dog loose. Either way, that household is totally screwed while Britney is in charge.

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