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I just threw up a little

MSN said yesterday that Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes want to do a nudie, super-erotic, ultra-arousing photoshoot together similar to the one David and Victoria Beckham did last month for W magazine. MSN says:

Sources say a racy photo shoot will allow the pair to show off a side of their relationship that's rarely seen, with insiders explaining that while they've so far kept their public image family oriented, Katie, 28, and her husband have a strong physical side they want share with fans. "Tom and Katie really have amazing chemistry," says a pal. "They want to show the world how much." While the finer details are yet to be confirmed, insiders say they'd like at least one photo to feature them naked. "They are already planning the various photos," says a source close to the pair. "Tom and Katie want to pose together in the shower, dripping wet and covered by nothing but steam."

That's gross. I don't want to know about their 'erotic chemistry' - I just figured they did some weird Scientology crap in the bedroom, like eat the unborn or shave rabid monkeys and sacrifice them Xenu. Now if they could show us THAT in the photo shoot you'd really have something. To be honest, in my quite moments I wish they'd do it. But then again, in my quiet moments I'm Captain Piccard and saving supermodels while piloting the Spirit of St Louis.

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