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Paris Hilton autopsy

Don't get your hopes up. She's not dead. It's just a sculpture of her, dead and laid out a coroners table. The sculpture is meant to show the dangers of drinking and driving.

So why is her Chihuahua there? Is this common practice at autopsies, bring in the family pet to identify the body??Maybe little Tinkerbell wanted to be sure she was finally free. It does look like the dog is pointing and laughing at her.

And why is she naked with her legs all splayed out? No one wants to see Paris Hilton naked and dead. Actually, forget the dead part, no one wants to see her naked. Actually, forget the naked part, just no one wants to see her. Seriously, the girl is ugly. Give a guy a photo of Paris Hilton on her best day, and another of his Grandmother, and he'd be pleasuring himself to the sight of Granny's sagging milk bags of love before using Hilton's scary visage. Um......So I've heard.