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Britney Spears does something even worse!

(...and we thought her posing for that picture was the most horrible thing that could ever happen.)

Three years ago, Spears earned praise and gratitude from music lovers everywhere when she announced she was going to take a break from her career. But this golden age of music came to a tragic end yesterday, as Spears returned to "work", "performing" her "music" on stage at a San Diego Club.

Wearing a miniskirt, a sequenced bikini top, a choke collar and a brown hair wig, she pranced around on stage lip-syncing her old songs. If this sounds eerily familiar to anyone, then they've obviously seen me at The Banana Hammock Lounge on Karaoke night.

Britney disappointed thousands of teenage girls three years ago when she stopped recording albums, and hundreds of thousands of lonely middle aged men when she stopped making music videos.

Of course, that was back in 2004, after Britney announced she was "taking a break from music", so that she could concentrate all her efforts into going completely insane.