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Lindsay Lohan doing coke on film

What a great weekend! Paris is going to jail, Spiderman 3 blows away box office records and now this...Lindsay Lohan (recently out of rehab) is caught on film doing blow!

This is too good! What's next? Is a video going to surface of John Travolta and Tom Cruise doing anal with Xenu? Will I lose my virginity? Will zombie Anna Nicole do a new Playboy centerfold (what? too soon?)?

Anywhoo - story goes, these pictures where taken of Lindsay doing cocaine and her people are already claiming these as fake. Why deny, it's really no surprise..I mean, Lindsay doing drugs...is the Pope Catholic? Is Bush a Republican? Do I cry myself to sleep every night listening to Tiffany's 'Could of Been?' It's for real, check all the coke-doing pics here.

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