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Natalie Portman might go lezbo

'Hella Hot Chick' Natalie has recently announced she sometimes fantasises about being with another woman. I think she just said it because she wanted to fit in. The rest of us have been fantasizing about her with another woman for years.

Natalie Portman just finished filming 'Goya's Ghost', where she apparently did her first nude scene. Lesbianism AND a nude scene?? I starting asking around, but apparently it's not my birthday. So I don't know what's going on. But I do think religious sceptics will be forevermore hard pressed to argue against the power of prayer.

Of course, the REAL story here would be finding out how each of 1.7 billion men worldwide celebrated the news of their answered prayers. I'm not going to, though. Sounds like too much of a handful

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