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Paris Wants a Hollywood Star

Wait, let me understand this...Paris Hilton wants a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame?? Is she serious? Wouldn't it be more fitting for her to have a star outside the Beverly Hills Infectious Disease Clinic? I don't get this, I mean, the dude who played 'Cockroach' on the Cosby Show deserves one more...(and I won't stop fighting until he does!!)

According to Life and Style Weekly magazine, Paris allegedly said: "I don't even know half these people. And, like, most of them are dead. I should totally have a star. I deserve one. I'm one of the most famous people on earth!"

This girl doesn't deserve a napkin stuck to the ground next to a hot dog stand...if anything she deserve nothing more for her contributions to society then to be married to the newly single K-Fed. Yeah, I went there......