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Paris' CD Bombs, France Surrenders

Yes, yes I know...my updates have been few and far between. But I have a great excuse...I'm in the process of leaving one job for another and it's keeping me quite busy (that and stalking the cute girl from finance is practically a full time job in itself).

Regardless, to make amends I've posted a nice little story about Paris Hilton and her CD doing absolutely terrible. Her first weekend took in only 75,000 in unit sales and it looks like she'll only be doing an additional 30,000 in the following week. Wanna know how bad the disk is? Danity Kane beat out her sales...DANITY KANE!! Who are they? Who cares?? All I know is that I feel bad for Paris, I mean really bad. I wish there was something I can do, like maybe buy her a bracelet? Actually, I can buy her TWO bracelets and attached them with a chain to a pipe in my basement where she can't do the world anymore harm....

Read more here thanks to our hot friend Lainey.