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Shocking: K-fed wants money

TMZ is reporting that Kevin Federline's custody with Britney Spears could actually be about.....wait for it......money! Upon their initial separation, he originally agreed to a 50/50 split, but then suddenly filed papers asking for 70/30 split after having zero contact with Britney for over three months.

Now that Britney's cousin, Alli Sims has been served, K-Fed's lawyers can take her deposition. But a source says they also want to take Britney's deposition, but the notice Britney received was all about money and not the kids.

At this point none of this is really relevant anymore. Regardless of K-Fed's motivations to get the kids back, if I was a judge I would award custody to my gavel as opposed to Britney, which pretty much makes Kevin an attractive option here. Of course, if I was a judge I'd also probably drive into court through the walls in a monster truck screaming 'Mount. Rockmore is here bitches!! I AM THE LAW!!' and award custody to the burning rubble in my wake. I'm just that awesome.

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