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Britney Spears throws a fit

Train wreck Britney Spears reportedly stormed out of a photo shoot for her new perfume last week and refused to return. Page Six reports:

"There was a shoot last week in L.A. for a new perfume she's coming out with and something happened," a source says. "She got very upset and stormed out of the shoot and wouldn't come back. She is not listening to anyone and doing exactly what she wants. But sometimes she doesn't know best."

'Something happened'?? Please! In the 1980's Micheal Jackson's freakin' hair caught on fire at a shoot...I wonder what happened to Brit...did they make her put down the Cheetos for the shoot? Did they ask her to straighten her wig? Drop her shot glass?

I'm getting to the point where I think I'd rather have a cigarette put out in my eye before I even see a picture of this girl ever again. Here's hoping I can start up the Britney Spears Deathwatch shortly!

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