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It's new, it's Death by Gossip!

Do you like the celebrity gossip? Do you hate searching 20 gossip sites to get to your favorite celebs? Do you go into a rage reading through the self-serving, barely funny crap on this site just to get to the stories you want?

Well my you're in luck my 'friend'!! From the same idiots that brought you the wildly hilarious* Pop Culture Pundit comes DEATH BY GOSSIP, the center of the celebrity gossip world!

Why Death by Gossip? Why not! It gets you straight to sleaze minus the fluff, you can read stories from Perez Hilton to TMZ to tons of other great gossip sources without having to leave the page. Convenient? You bet! Borderline copyright infringement? Uhhh...depends who's asking...why, are you a cop or something??

Check it out, it's currently in beta version now, so give me your feedback and effect your own personal user experience. That's right, send your comments, measurements and hair colour and I may take your thoughts into consideration based on my elaborate evaluation process (ahem...hot chick, sweet rack...ahem). I hope you enjoy reading DEATH BY GOSSIP and thanks for your continued support!

*According to your mom