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Jesus Cruise is now a priest

Looks like Tom Cruise has leaped the next to last hurdle in his quest to be Scientology's Jesus. He has attained the highest level one can reach in Scientology, and apparently that gives him the power to perform marriages (and other super-powers) inside the church. Page Six reports:

Tom Cruise is at the highest level of "clear" in Scientology - and now he may even perform a wedding for a friend, Australian heir James Packer, one of the church's richest benefactors. Packer, who inherited a $6.5 billion fortune when his father, Kerry, died last year, weds model-turned-singer Erica Baxter Wednesday on France's Cote d'Azur. A mystery client, believed to be Packer, has booked the entire Grand Hotel du Cap-Ferrat and the Hotel du Cap-Eden Roc, presumably for his guests.

This whole process mystifies me, how do you move up in this church? By putting on the most bitchin' Sci-Fi convention? By selling the most ticket's the the Annual Xenu Laser-light show? By the number of times you watch Battlefield Earth? By donating the most money to the church?...oops....did I just say that?

The only cool thing about having Tom Cruise perform your marriage is that instead of the wedding march when the bride walks down the aisle you can play that wicked guitar solo from Tom Gun! Nothing says 'classy wedding' more then guitar solos!

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