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Britney to apologize on Emmys?

Us Weekly is reporting that the FOX is in secret negotiations with Britney Spears' people to get her on Sunday's Emmy Awards. Oh no....Not to perform - the source says "The idea is to have her come on and apologize for the VMAs. She's weighing the offer."

A source close to Britney sort of denies the story, saying" "I can't say this is 100 percent not true. All I can say is that the Emmy people aren't dealing with her record company, her manager or her agents at William Morris. So if she is doing anything for the Emmys then it's not going through the official channels."

When I initially heard that FOX was talking to Spears I assumed it was for a hotdog eating contest or perhaps a segment of 'Unsolved Mysteries' where they'll investigate where her hotness went.

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