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Britney's pantload of a performance

Did everyone catch the "Return of Britney Spears" last night on the VMA awards? The press sure has, here are some examples of their thoughts - The AP said:

As in most train wrecks, it was hard to focus on just one thing as the Britney Spears disaster unfolded. There was just so much that went wrong. Out-of-synch lip-synching. Lethargic movements that seemed choreographed by a dance instructor for a nursing home. The paunch in place of Spears' once-taut belly. At times she just stopped singing altogether, as if even she knew nothing could save her performance.

The New York Post said:

...why was Britney Spears' totally lame, pathetically lip-synched VMA performance at the Palms Casino last night allowed to be seen by the rest of the world? Spears was stuffed into a spangled bra and hot pants and jiggled like Jell-O as she sleepwalked through the song. She didn't seem to care that she danced like she had a pantload, that her lips weren't synched with the song, and that the tune isn't all that great.

And the New York Daily News said:

Glassy-eyed and out of step, Britney seemed lost in a sea of pole dancers and overmuscled male models who groped her so much she wasn't even mouthing the words by the time her number ended. Cuts to the audience revealed fellow artists rolling their eyes. 50 Cent looked like he might have just thrown up in his mouth, and Rihanna was flat-out laughing to a table guest.

I really think these journalists are understating the true crapiness of this performance. I probably would have done a better dance routine...and I'm MISSING A LEG! It was terrible, the only saving grace of the whole performance is that it ended before Britney had her mustard and cocaine sandwich.

Click here to watch the "performance"

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