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Nicole Richie is going to jail

Nicole Richie will appear in court this morning and plead either guilty or no contest to driving under the influence. This was not her first DUI. In 2002, she was arrested for driving 50 miles per hour in a 15 mph zone near UCLA. She had a .13 blood alcohol level, almost twice the legal limit. Six months later, she was convicted for possession of heroin and driving on a suspended license. About today's court proceeding, TMZ reports that:

Richie will plead either guilty or no contest to DUI. She will appear before the Court Commissioner, who will sentence her on the spot. Sources say Richie will receive a minimum sentence of five days in jail. By law, anyone with two DUI convictions must serve at least five days. This conviction will be Nicole's second DUI.

I wouldn't even wast tax payer's money by putting her in a jail cell - you can pretty much store her in a Sea Monkey aquarium and feed her fish flakes. I mean, if she was really smart when cops pulled her over she could have just eluded them by turning to the side and disappearing. She so tiny, ese!

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