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Lindsah Lohan arrested and charged

Lindsay 'crime-spree' Lohan was arrested at 2:15am this morning in Santa Monica for possession of cocaine, driving under the influence, transporting a narcotic into a custodial facility and driving on a suspended license. TMZ says Lohan's blood alcohol level was between .12 and .13. .08 is considered legally drunk in the state of California. Or course, Lindsay rehab just 8 days ago so she's on the straight and narrow, right? ABC in LA has reported:

The Santa Monica Police Department tells Eyewitness News, Lohan was taken into custody near the Santa Monica Civic Auditorium along Pico and Main early Tuesday morning. She's currently still at the Santa Monica Police Station. Bail has been set for $25,000

Update: Lindsay Lohan was released from the Santa Monica jail minutes ago after her arrest this morning. Breitbart New reports that authorities found cocaine in her pockets as she was being processed after her DUI arrest. Whereas most others would know to swallow or toss their drugs before going to the police station...seems Lindsay missed that lesson.

She was initially pulled over because she was chasing another car in her white Denali. It is not known who she was chasing or why. Sheriffs deputies conducted a field sobriety test and Lindsay failed. She was then brought to the station and booked. If they need somewhere to keep her - I got an empty basement they can use...that is, if she doesn't mind the comic books and Planet of the Apes action figures.

Man, keeping up with Lindsay is like watching an episode of the Untouchables. Except less sexy. Stay tuned for updates.

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