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Britney to write a tell-all book?

Kevin Federline drove Britney to a suicide attempt? JT was a dick? Britney's had the stage mom from hell? Rumors are circulating that Britney would be up for a $10 million dollar payday for writing an autobiography that will take us from her first Vegas wedding all the way through the custody battle against Kevin.

I'm honestly looking forward to the release of this book - I'm hoping this will be a Choose your own Adventure, there could be so many possibilities..

-do you shave your head? turn to page 4

-want to make more babies? turn to page 57

-want to eat Cheetos and do heroin off of that homeless guy's corpse? turn to page 60

This stuff writes itself. Unless of course it's a pop up book....because there is only so many picture of cars on cinder blocks that Britney could use before it gets a bit slow...

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