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K-Fed is richer then you

Looks like being an hideous AND idiot can be profitable! K-Fed, who was rumoured to be coming out of his marriage to Britney Spears with only $1,000,000 has struck a deal closer to $13 million. Here are the details:

-A 2004 pre-nup called for K-Fed to get $250,000 for each year of their marriage, but Spears upped that figure to $500,000 to speed up the negotiations.
-He receives half the proceeds from their Malibu mansion, which is on the market for $13.5 million.
-$25,000 a month in child support for each of the couple's two children until they reach 18. He also gets custody of the boys four days a week.
-Federline gets to keep all the gifts Spears bought them during their marriage.
-He's forbidden from writing a tell-all about their marriage.

Considering his net worth prior to meeting Britney was probably $23.00 (in cinder blocks and beef jerky) he's coming up roses! However, I'm giving him 2 years before his investments in strip malls, bowling alleys and hair salons ruin him financially. Then all he'll have going for him are his kick-ass rhymes and music career...oh, wait....um, no he'll be screwed.

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