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Fergie Ferg: Lesbo-licious

Black Eyed Peas, Fergie 'The Fug' Ferg has recently made the following admission:

"I have had lesbian experiences in the past. But I started having sex quite late on - after I was 18. I was raised a good Catholic girl. I won't say how many men I have slept with, although it's not many, but I am a very sexual person...When I was going through my out-of-control phase, I could have got into some very dangerous situations. But I never sold my body - ever."

This might just be me, but when I tell a story unrelated to prostitution I never feel the need to reiterate at the end of the story that I'm not a hooker. 'So I went to the hardware store and asked for drywall, they didn't have any so I instead went for lemonaide at the hotdog stand... but i DID NOT sleep with any men in the hardware store or EVER sold my body! I am NOT a hooker! NOT A HOOKER!'

Seems like somebody has a guilty conscience.

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