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Paris Hilton is confused, claims to be celibate

Get this..Paris Hilton is claiming she's celibate, when she was asked by a reporter how long it's been since she's had sex she replied:

"About six or seven months, I think. I don't care. I would rather just make out and kiss someone instead of sex. I've only been in, like, two relationships and I just thought I'd like to be single. Sex is sacred. People shouldn't have sex unless they're in an exclusive relationship anyway. I'd rather not do anything. Guys want you more when you don't do it! Young girls should know that."

I can't be sure but I'm assuming Paris is confused in regards to "word definitions". I think her definition of sex involves 'watching season 3 of Full House then shaving one of her poodles in a gas station toilet' because otherwise this chick is very much having sex. Uncle Danny and Uncle Joey agree.