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K-Fed wants to be a writer

Kevin Federline is prepared to write a tell-all book about his ex Britney that would include tales of wild drinking, drug use, her fantasies about other women (yesssssss!) and her theories on time-travel, yes HER THEORIES ON TIME-TRAVEL. However, this book will obviously go away if he is offered a sizable divorce settlement. A source says:

"Kevin is either hoping a publisher will pay him big money for the book or that Britney will cough up more cash than what's in their prenup to keep him from spilling the beans."

I'm picturing something along the lines of 'Murder She Wrote' with K-Fed furiously typing away in a cardigan, having murders occur around him that only he can solve! Either that or he'll sit down in front of the laptop mindlessly pooping himself as he curses his illiteracy.