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Miss USA parties harder and gets more chicks then me!

Frankly, I was not going to post an article about this story as I'm not big on the "pageant scene" as it lacks the excitement of monster trucks shows and the chilling suspense of the dog show circuit - but over the last 24 hours this story has gotten a lot more interesting. According to the NY Daily News Miss USA Tara Conner has been fired and sent home to Kentucky.

This wasn't simply regarding a little underage drinking, apparently she was "a party animal," who brought a string of men back to her Trump Place apartments. And this is where it gets good: it wasn't just men! Hold on to your hats gentlemen and get ready to hump the monitor, but it is rumored that Connor and Miss Teen USA Katie Blair would engage in lesbian romps at some of the city's hotspots. LESBIAN ROMPS!

"I've seen them kiss before," says one source. "They always dance all sexy on the tables."

Oh, and she failed a drug test. Thanks to her cocaine use in NY nightclubs. Read more here....LESBIAN ROMPS!