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Mel Gibson's illegitimate daughter?

News of the World reports that a blonde 29-year old is taking Mel Gibson to court for a DNA test to prove she's his secret daughter. She says:

"I'm not doing it for his money. I just want to meet the man I've always known was my dad - and for him to get to know his grandson. I'd love it if he recognized us as family. I'm not looking for a meal ticket. I am happy with my life."

The 29-year old's mom was apparently a 17-year old hitchhiker that Mel boned in the bag of his station wagon. Seriously? Stuff like that does happen outside of porn? Then I guess it's time to trade in my bus pass for a wagon - hello ladies!

I guess what's on all our minds is; how is that raging drunk, Mel Gibson, going to blame this on the Jews? Because you know they are responsible for everything, the man could stumble upon a bunch of rainbows and puppies dancing and signing and his drunk ass would still yell at them to get off his lawn and apologize for killing Jesus.

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