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Jay-Z's Got 99 Problems and the Drink is One

I think we've just established how huge the buying power of the hip-hop community truly is...

Jay-Z has gone the extra mile in his boycott of a certain alcoholic drink - he is removing all references to Cristal Champagne from the lyrics to his songs. Whoa, that's huge. Why do I feel as though that would be like Michael Jackson no longer singing about children?

Does this mean he's going to start rapping about zinfandel or hard apple cider? I just can't see how he plans to rhyme 'sparkling wine' with 'niggas', he's got a long road ahead of him...

Do I think that the Managing Director of Cristal Champagne is a racist? Probably. But I also think any one who'll spend $300 on a bottle of champagne just to solidify their 'cred' makes them a huge douchbag.

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