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Kim Basinger going to jail?

Kim Basinger is due in court today to answer 12 contempt of court charges, and faces a 60-day jail sentence and $12,000 fine if she's found guilty.

The star is accused by ex-husband Alec Baldwin of breaching a 2004 custody agreement laying down who should look after their 11-year-old daughter Ireland. Baldwin alleges Basinger failed to tell him she'd be out of town, giving him an opportunity to care for their daughter. He also claims Basinger failed to inform him of an injury Ireland suffered which needed medical attention.

Court papers filed by Baldwin's lawyer allege Basinger has a 'pathological need' to distance Ireland from her father, with one section claiming, 'Over and over, Ms. Basinger demonstrated that her resentments are more precious to her than the emotional well-being of her child.' The Los Angeles Superior Court has yet to consider the pending matter.

Another celeb off to jail? Great, now she can see what it's like to live my life...bunkbeds, terrible food, unwanted shower taunts, abuse...man, I REALLY have to move out of my parent's basement!