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Ex-Miss Nevada Katie Rees in Playboy

Thank God! Move over Kelly Osbourne, Miss Nevada Katie Rees is in talks to do a Playboy spread after losing her crown. This offer is shortly following her decision to turn down a $25,000 offer to host a Girls Gone Wild special (boo!). The most interesting part of this story is a quote by a friend of Rees:

'Donald Trump is a hypocrite. He lets one girl keep her crown who is a drug addict, but the girl who is a hot, fun party girl who enjoys other women has to be dethroned? I think her lifestyle is fun and amazing. Donald should really stop being so prejudiced against gay and lesbian people, like his fight with Rosie (O'Donnell.)'

Gay and lesbian people? Is Katie Rees actually a lesbian? If that's the case she is the coolest thing to happen to me since rhythmic gymnastics where approved as Olympic sport - because God knows I've been looking for venue to strut my stuff! Now where are my leg warmers?