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Cameron Diaz: mommy's girl

When I have a particularity bad break-up I usually deal with it like any guy would; get good and wasted and sleep with the first warm body I can find (preferably with a pulse). What do Hollywood 'babes' like Cameron Diaz do? A source told Britain's The Sun newspaper:

'While Cameron looks for her own place, she wants to (move back) home. Her parents also live near Los Angeles, in Long Beach. That's where she is going to move her stuff while she figures out what to do next.'

Moving back home? What? Christopher Reeve couldn't move and had to drive that damn chair with his mouth and he still didn't move back in with his folks. No disrespect to Christopher Reeve, but the one thing him and Cameron have in common is they both deserve handicap parking spots. Him due to his disability, Cameron because she's so f'ing ugly! Too far?