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Kim Kardashian's sex tape is real, but do we really want to see it?

We now have confirmation that the sex tape starring Paris Hilton's BFF Kim Kardashian and Ray J is real and it's a pisser! There are a number of porn companies which are negotiating the rights to the tape and SugarDVD has offered Kim $2 million to sell it. Why the excitement? Did we mention that there are 'watersports' involved? (p.s. if you don't catch my drift google it...but I warned you) And when I say 'watersports'I don't mean the time your dad sprayed you with the hose while washing the Trans Am outside.

I'm torn. She is hot, but I think I'd rather have sex with a man dressed up as Cobra Commander then watching this hottie getting pee'd on, yuck! COBRAAAAAAAAAA!!

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