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Paris Hilton showers in public

Paris Hilton was in Sydney, Australia yesterday to host a New Year's party and help judge a contest to find a new spokeswoman for the Australian beer Bondi Blonde.

Along the way she stopped at a beach and took a shower infront of everyone in the most pornographic way she possibly could for no real reason whatsoever. I guess being dumb, rich and adding to her collection of VDs is not enough for her, seems she needs to resort to these kind of publicity tactics to ensure she gets the attention she needs.

I'm no scientist, but as soon as I'd see Paris come anywhere close to the beach I'd get everyone out of the water and close it down. That crotch of hers can't be healthy for the levels of toxins in the water. And while I was at it I'd burn the towel she was tanning on, because some smells just don't come out, and mustard - that NEVER comes out.