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Drew Barrymore: LESBIAN?

Jane Magazine founder, Jane Pratt, has admitted getting jiggy (as the kids said in '97) with Drew Barrymore.

She said, "One of my dreams is to return to Howard's show and tell him the truth about Drew Barrymore and me." I guess Howard asked Jane if she had effed another chick and she admitted to it, but wouldn't say who.

Jane said, "It was someone famous. I did have sex with Drew Barrymore."

Wow, I think I'd prefer to wear a girl scout uniform and chew bubble gum around Roman Polanski then picture Drew as a lesbian. She's so damn saggy it's like she's ruining lesbian sex for all of us - kinda like when Star Trek went off the air and caused America to lose the Vietnam war...burn in Hell Gene Roddenberry....BURN IN HELL!

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