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Britney abused K-Fed

According to Life & Style Magazine, Britney Spears beat Kevin Federline "several times during their marriage." which has resulted in K-Fed asking the judge to order her not to use corporal punishment on Sean and Jayden. A source from Britney's camp denies the rumor, saying:

"This is just another attempt to make Britney look like a bad mom."

First of all well already know Britney is a bad mom - but what's with K-Fed admitting to getting beat up by his wife? Was he wearing a bra and panties at the time? I think I'd rather admit to getting gang-banged in prison then my wife beating me. Well, maybe I'm exaggerating...let's just say I'd rather admit to buying leg-warmers from Walmart...which is pretty much a step away from a prison gang-bang. In theory.

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