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Owen Wilson OD's and in hospital

Owen Wilson OD'd on drugs and was rushed to the emergency room in Los Angeles' St. John's Hospital via ambulance today, according to sources of the National Enquirer and Star magazine.

Wilson is being treated for what is described by a close source as "a very serious condition." Which may or may not be related to the fact that tonight was the Teen Choice awards (Nick Cannon hosting? It would make me OD on whatever I could get my hands on...paint, Tide...whatever).

But here's the weird part: the police (not the band) were present at the hospital and at least one well known Los Angeles criminal attorney was also there. And apparently the prognosis at first was not too good for Owen but it has now been upgraded. He has been stabilized and was just loaded in an ambulance from and is on his way to another Los Angeles-area hospital.

Update #1:
They are now saying it might have been a suicide attempt, I'll keep you all posted.

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