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Jamie Foxx luvs Michael Vick

Access Hollywood has reported comments made by Jamie Foxx regarding Michael Vick's dog fighting charges - and let's just say, Jamie Foxx can go to hell too.
"It's a cultural thing, I think," Jamie said. "Most brothers didn't know that, you know. I used to see dogs fighting in the neighborhood all the time. I didn't know that was Fed time. So, Mike probably just didn't read his handbook on what not to do as a black star." While he has a way of lightening even the most sensitive of subjects, Jamie is sincere in his belief that the quarterback is not being given a fair shake.
"I know that cruelty to animals is bad, but sometimes people shoot people and kill people and don't get time," Jamie continued. "I think in this situation, he really didn't know the extent of it, so I always give him the benefit of the doubt."

So the real victim here is who? Michael Vick? The dogs? "Black star" culture? Jamie Foxx's comments are as ridiculous as his movie career, there is nothing "cultural" about dog fighting or cruelty to animals, unless of course you're referring to the 'brain-eating zombie culture' where eating brains and executing dogs is pretty much like us brushing our teeth. And animal cruelty is not something you get charged with because you're black (if that was the case Gary Coleman would have been locked up years ago) - it's something you're charged with when you secretly murder animals for money and entertainment.

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