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Pop Culture Pundit is back, Mel Gibson is drunk!

Due to a heavy increase in traffic yesterday my site was up and down for about 24 hours yesterday and this morning. Seems about 70,000 of you were given a 'service unavailable' message where about 10% of you actually got through (Yippee!!).

My sincerest apologizes. I think my server was either on fire or eaten by Jennifer Love Hewitt or both, who knows - but one thing is for sure, the problem is solved and the site is now officially 43% funnier and 67% zanier.

We can now go back to hurling insults at celebrities and the privileged rich. Let's start with a recent picture of Mel Gibson taken in a bar on the island of Nicoya, Costa Rica. He's looking pretty drunk for a recovering alcoholic, but what do I know - I'm wasted right now. WOOOOOOO!!!

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