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Nicole Richie has dad's support

When I think of 'supportive dads' I usually think more of JonBenet Ramsey's father then Lionel Richie. But Lionel has stepped up as a father and intervened to help his daughter...oh wait, no....he's decided to blame the media for his daughters problems and decided not to take responsibility of being a bad parent. He told FOXNews.com:

"she keeps apologizing to me. I told her 'You're doing exactly what you're supposed to be doing to your father at this age." and that "There's just so much information out there right now - MySpace, cell phones, the Internet. If we had had all that when The Commodores were around, God only knows what my mother and father would have seen."

Uh "Commodores"? - exactly who where the Commodores (isn't that what I used tp play Qbert on)? And what would of Lionel's parent's seen? Jerrycurls? Rhinestones on his pants? A blind chick making a clay sculpture of his face? Come on! Don't blame technology and the media for her drug addiction. Blame the lack of After School Specials being played on air during her childhood. Or McGruff the Crime Dog getting soft on dealers. Not technology.

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