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Nick Nolte is the new Lindsay Lohan

With our favorite drunk, Lindsay Lohan, drying out (at least for now) Nick Nolte has taken it upon himself to step in and fill the void she's left. TMZ has some drunk-tacular photos of Nick Nolte at Kauai Airport Monday night passed out on the terminal floor. According to fellow passengers, Nick was passing in and out of consciousness for more than two hours after their flight was delayed due to engine problems

According to the source, Nolte was still extremely friendly despite his groggy state - chatting with fans and allowing passengers to snap photos, however, he wasn't entirely functional. "At one point we helped him put a dollar in the vending machine."

Pure class. My initial assumption is that by 'engine problems' they mean Nick Nolte drank all the fuel out of the plane's tank. Because there is no way you get THAT f'ed up in an airport by drinking Coors Light and Bud. Unless of course you're drinking it when you're 8 years old, because let me tell you - that was the awesomest game of pin the tail on the donkey I've ever played!

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