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Nick and Vanessa sex scandal!

Seems the naked pictures of Vanessa Minnillo I posted here this weekend wasn't the end of it. Nick Lachey and Vanessa have been in talks with Ok! Magazine to provide them with an exclusive interview in hopes that in return the mag will suppress additional naughty photo goodness (which would also include hot tub sex) that emerged from their recent vacation.

It's being reported that they'll cover everything, including their relationship, sex life, Nick's past with Jessica and Vanessa's lesbian-knife controversy with Lindsay Lohan.

Ho-hum...lesbian knife fights? Public sex? Please, now days you can google that stuff in seconds and it would be video - not just pictures. Call me when they find a video of Nick and Vanessa killing a drifter, covering themselves in Cheese Whiz and having sex with fire-ants...because THEN I'd be all over it.

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