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Lindsay Lohan's birthday pics

Lindsay Lohan turned 21 yesterday at her beach house sporting a bikini, huge-ass camera and apparently no drink. Her mom and sister were there, as was Samantha Ronson, DJ AM, and Evan Ross. She left the party in the wee hours and went back to Promises where she's set to finish off her rehab. Allegedly no midgets were killed, or no drugs or alcohol were served - as it was a strict 'parents, pop and chips party'

You don't have to be Nighthawk* to see that Lindsay is drinking again. I mean, 21st birthday? Bikinis? All your old drinking buddies? Please, that's more temptation then Angelina Jolie and a Ferrari combined! I mean, I've already had both of those...we all know Angelina couldn't resist seeing me drive by in my sports car, shirtless right after winning the bench press championship. After our passionate love-making I bench pressed my Ferrari for her screaming 'can Brad do THIS? Can Brad do THIS??' - I guess she was so blown away by my feat of strength she couldn't bare to call me back. Yep, that's exactly what happened.

*The Transformer that was a Honda by day and detective by night? What a sick combo! Nobody would EVER suspect the giant talking Honda following them! Check our more pics of Lindsay's bday HERE.

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