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Coming soon: naked Lindsay Lohan

Gossip site, CelebSlam.com (which is WAY, WAY less awesome then this site) is claiming that they have naked pictures of Lindsay Lohan taken by Callum Best (her ex-boyfriend). Celebslam has claimed to have spoke to Lindsay regarding the pics - however, when asked about the matter she replied:

"All I know is that someone broke into my computer and left a file on my desktop saying he got the pictures Cal took from me naked."

I really don't know what the big deal is...I get those kind of messages on my computer all the time. They usually say "Hi I'm from PETA and I know what you did to that rhinoceros at the zoo. We are horrified that you took part in human-animal love-making and would like you to stop. We have stolen the pictures of the manimal-sexual matter off of your computer and deleted all your high scores on Mine Sweeper.'


check out the full IM chat between Lindsay Lohan and Celebslam regarding her stolen pics here. Creepy.

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