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Avril Lavigne being sued

Avril Lavigne is being sued for plagiarism! It seems her latest single 'Girlfriend' is remarkably similar to another hit from the 70s called 'I wanna be your boyfriend.' This is really no surprise to me, she's married to the biggest ripoff artist in modern music, Derek Whibley from Sum 41, that guy hasn't written an original song in years.

I bet they use tracing paper or silly putty for song writing...just open up the song book and steal away...kinda like how I write love letters to my girlfriends - that is, if by 'love letters' you mean 'passages from The Babysitter's Club' and 'girlfriends' you mean 'those Carebears I found in the dumpster behind KFC.'

Truth is, Avril and Derek would make a great cover band singing other people's hit - I mean, they've already been doing it for years, why not make it official?

Read more about the Avril Lavigne lawsuit here.

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