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Amy Winehouse to rehab?

Man, I wish that every time I f'ed up really bad all I could do is yell 'rehab' and all of a sudden it's like I'm out of jail free! I killed a hooker? REHAB! I pooped on my boss' desk? REHAB! I killed a pooping hooker on my boss' desk? ..err....actually that would be really messed up, there's no rehab in the world for that...

Well seem Brit singer Amy Winehouse is going down the same road as well after canceling shows, showing up drunk when she does follow through and carving her boyfriend's name into her stomach with glass during an interview. Huh, that's not so bad, it pretty much sums up my regular weekends....except unlike Amy, I carved the name 'Mayor McCheese' into my stomach...don't know why, all I remember is that I was high as a kite, damn hungry and wearing monocle and badge!

Read more about Amy Winehouse's intervention and possible rehab here.

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