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Paris is insane

TMZ has posted a picture of this sign above from the Lynwood Detention Facility. We don't know who in the jail is literate enough to put the sign up, but it seems she's quite a hit.

My dear, dear, dear friend Brendon from WWTDD had one of his readers send him the following email - seems the reader is friends with a guard at the County Psyche Ward (I'd love to tell people I worked there, the yell 'PSYCHE!!'):

What's up. Sorry so long to get back. Paris sends her regards. By all accounts she is a kook. Word is she has the mind of a 14 year old, addicted to coke, psych meds, claustrophobic, changes uniform every hour, etc...

I don't think that's so crazy, I change uniforms every hour too. Sometimes it's a Girl Scout uniform, other times it's Payton Manning's uniform. Either way, I'm totally sane, just like Paris.

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