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Paris is in the slammer

Right now Paris is probably being strip-searched by a jail guard on her way to 23 days of paying her debt to society - why am I so giddy? People Magazine reports:

Hilton will spend approximately 23 hours a day in a 12-by-8-foot cell containing two bunks, a table, a sink, a toilet and a small window, with one hour for recreation. She will eat her meals in the cell. She could also leave her cell to meet with her attorney or to attend classes.

Wow. Welcome to my life. However, my cell is more of a 'emotionally crippling mental illness' that 'keeps me in my apartment' and 'makes me dress like a woman and sing show tunes' then a physical location..but otherwise, TOTALLY just like prison..

p.s. Did you see Paris get totally bitch-slapped by Sarah Silverman at the MTV movie awards? If not, click HERE, it's classy.

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