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Twins. Olsen Twins.

A lovely little rumour has popped up that the Olsen Twins might be doublemint bond girls in the next 007 film. If this is true, it will be the first half way decent thing these girls have ever done.
Think about it. They started off on Full House. Who'd have thought that would be the highest quality project they'd ever be involved in. Children's books, movies, sitcoms, you name it, they've botched it. Have ya SEEN "New York Minute"??? I have. Many many times. It gets worse with each viewing. I'm actually watching it right now. It's horrible. And when I watch it tomorrow, it will be even worse.

Meanwhile, these girls are worth 122 billion dollars apiece. That's a lot of money to be made off crap. Every thing I've done in MY life is crap, and I've got $3.25 and a cat named Eddie who I'll have to eat soon in order to survive. I guess my point is...Bond movies rock.

If YOU think that Bond movies rock, please send five dollars to 13 Britney Spears Lane, Rosewood Trailer Park, Dankview, Arkansas. Please don't make me fricassee Eddie.

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