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Nicole Richie snubs sick mom

Nicole 'skinny skank' Richie is refusing to visit her sick mother in the hospital. What could her mom ever have done to her that would warrant that kind of behaviour? Personally, I believe that a boy's best friend is his mother. I've never actually TALKED to a girl, but I'm sure it's the same for them.

Why, my Mom and I have a great relationship. We share so many things together: Laughter, tears, an apartment, underwear, a bed, syphilis. I have everything a 43 year old man could ever want.

I mean sure, no relationship is perfect, Nicole! But there's no rift that can't be mended. Look at me and my Mom. We've had our problems in the past. For example, my Mom never breastfed me when I was a child.

....but she does NOW.

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