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Moby doesn't like the weather...

...being blamed on God.

Moby is angry that some people say natural disasters like hurricanes are God's punishment on sinners.

Moby, who hasn't done much of anything lately, has a wild theory that hurricanes and tornadoes happen for non-anthropocentric reasons. His comments set off a hailstorm of controversy, with critics rushing to their dictionaries to find out what 'non-anthropocentric' (editor's note: it doesn't mean 'vagina' so please skip to the end) means. The hailstorm was also not caused by God.

These comments raise many questions, like: What's a moby? Why does he use such big words? Why didn't he make these comments after hurricane Katrina, when people might have given half a crap? How many fingers am I holding up? Whatever happened to my pants? What is the name of the Puerto Rican man I woke up next to this morning? And, most importantly, does ANYONE still listen to techno?

Go away, Moby.