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Lindsey Lohan earns my grudging respect

Future Oscar Winner Lindsey Lohan is being sued by a scumbag paparazzi for mowing him down with her car. Okay, let me just take a moment to run down the lowest forms of life on this planet:

5) cockroaches
4) celebrity gossip writers who will probably die as virgins
3) marginally talented but good looking spoiled brat celebrities
2) the guy who coined the phrase "don't go there".
1) paparazzi

As you can see, celebrity brat is still better than paparazzi. The morals of these asswipes would make Lucifer himself say "dude. Seriously, too far." This sperm bucket photog was with the rest of his soulless buddies surrounding Lohan's car. The goat sucker gets lightly tapped by Lohan's car as she tries to leave, and he is now SUING HER. The only thing Lindsey did wrong was not drive repeatedly over his windpipe until he made the world a better place by leaving it. Seriously, we should all pick a day and just go paparazzi hunting. What jury would convict us?How's next Thursday for everyone?

But leave the gossip writers alone. Who are we hurting, really?...oh right...all those people.

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