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Jacko's still got it!

I'm not sure how I feel about MJ, but sometimes I can't help but love him. His antics are so bizarre that you can't even spoof them. Take for example, this new gem.

He's facing a Maternity suit. NO, that's not a paternity suit. A MATERNITY suit. Has this ever happened?? This is an utter impossibility in any known place throughout the universe, except in Jackoland. The Twilight Zone is a dull, listless, and unassuming place in comparison. "Oh, I have three kids, but I'm not sure who the Mom is." What joke could make this better?? I got nothing.

So mad props to Jackson. He is a true artist. His life is his paint. His canvas? Insanity. Howard Hughes, King George III, Britney Spears, they're all rank amateurs in comparison.. The man is a toe jam eating, frilly dress wearing, gibberish spouting, monkey loving, dog licking loon!! He is the King of nutbar, and he can't be touched, you hear me?? Seriously, don't touch him.

Check out this link for more details on the maternity suit (I just love saying that!).

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